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Managed Retirement Accounts

Offer Value With Managed Accounts

Our managed account services give employees access to personalized savings and investment plans. Your clients gain the potential for stronger retirement outcomes.

Employees Want Help

It’s clear that employees want help preparing for retirement.

Nearly 80%

of participants in a 2023 study said they’re interested in a service that provides a potential way to limit downside risk using actively managed funds.¹

Managed Accounts Can Help in 3 Ways

Your clients may appreciate these benefits for their employees. Managed accounts can:

Offer a personalized approach

A managed account offers a tailored portfolio based on many personal factors, such as age, salary and contribution rate. This approach helps participants address their individual retirement needs.

Overcome inertia

Many employees find the task of making investment decisions for their retirement plans overwhelming. Managed accounts don’t require employees to make investment decisions. This solution helps overcome inertia while addressing specific participant needs for saving and investing.

Help them stay on track

With a managed account, investment professionals help employees manage investment and allocation decisions. Rely on us to help employees stay on track with saving for retirement. Following a disciplined investment plan is critical, especially during situations like volatile markets.

Add Value, Not Extra Work

Use our managed account services to:

Deliver a personalized solution to reach more employees

Offer holistic support that considers assets outside of the plan, such as spousal accounts

Help employees consistently build savings rates

Support Your Practice

Our managed account solutions are designed to complement your business model. They can help you:

  • Expand your reach
  • Maintain investment oversight
  • Delegate fiduciary responsibilities

Help Clients Get Better Results

Learn how managed accounts can help your clients drive better retirement plan outcomes.
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