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Administrative & Fiduciary Solutions

Protect Your Clients and Your Bottom Line

Employers often look to advisors and third-party administrators for help with administrative duties. With support from us, you can reduce your clients’ workload, costs and risk.

Give clients the option for us to take on certain administrative tasks or shoulder fiduciary responsibility for certain plan duties. We can help them avoid common errors, such as exceeding contribution limits or failing to provide proper participant notices.

You decide what you'd like us to handle and how visible you'd like us to be with your clients.

Let Us Handle Administrative Services

Standard Retirement Services, Inc., can take on a range of administrative tasks. We can even take on ERISA 3(16) Delegated Administrative responsibility. 

Delivering Required Documents

Let us take responsibility for delivering required notices, statements and disclosures, including: 

  • Summary Plan Description 
  • Summary of Material Modifications 
  • Quarterly participant statements 
  • Summary Annual Report 
  • Annual disclosure of plan fees 
  • Safe Harbor 
  • Qualified Default Investment Alternative, or QDIA 
  • Automatic enrollment 
  • Required blackout notices 
  • Safe Harbor contribution termination notice 
  • Notice of receipt of Qualified Domestic Relations Order, or QDRO 
  • Fee and investment change notices
Managing Loans and Distributions

Give us the responsibility to:

  • Manage the distribution process from the start of a request to disbursement of funds
  • Review hardship requests and the amount of need
  • Verify loan limits and distribution eligibility against a plan document
  • Communicate directly with participants, so no action is required from an employer
  • Notify participants of quarterly deadlines and distribution and default requirements
  • Manage process from receipt of a proposed QDRO to the segregation of the participant’s account
  • Review and ensure the qualified status of QDROs
Eligibility Monitoring and Notifications

Allow us to:

  • Track employee eligibility based on the plan’s provisions
  • Notify employees of their eligibility
  • Provide information for easy enrollment online

Benefits for You and Your Clients

Reduced Workload

Give yourself and your clients more time to focus on other priorities. Let us handle the delivery of required participant notices. 

Clean Data

We validate information on each employee with every payroll. With the latest and most accurate data, you can help employers avoid fiduciary risk and the time it takes to correct bad data. 

Consistent Service

Work directly with our experienced problem-solvers and knowledgeable professionals. 

We Can Put Our Accountability in Writing

We can back our services in writing with a "hold-harmless" indemnification clause. We put this language in all contracts when we act as the 3(16) fiduciary.

“We agree to indemnify and hold you harmless from and against all claims, actions, obligations, damages, liabilities, penalties and expenses, including reasonable attorney’s fees, asserted against you to the extent such claims, actions, obligations, damages, liabilities, penalties and expenses are the direct result of our default of our responsibilities under this agreement, provided that you notify us promptly of the commencement of such action and cooperate as reasonably necessary in any defense…”

TPA-Friendly Partnership

Whether you work with a third party administrator or manage a TPA firm, we can work closely with you to decide on administrative responsibilities. This makes the process more efficient for everyone.

Take the Worry Out of Administration

Partner with us to deliver administrative services and fiduciary solutions.
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