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New Financial Wellness Resources on the Way

Later this summer, participants in all our retirement plans will have access to EnrichTM, a financial wellness program. We’ll be adding the online platform at no extra cost to plan sponsors or participants.

We’re excited to partner with Enrich to offer these in-demand resources. Here are a few statistics showing how Enrich has helped employees improve their financial well-being:1

  • 55% increase in savings by active users over a 12-month period
  • 28% increase in paying off credit card in full each month
  • 34% increase in contributions to a retirement plan

Enrich offers personalized and interactive experiences that cover a range of financial needs in addition to saving for retirement. Participants can get information about topics such as:

  • Managing and reducing debt
  • Investing for a child’s college education
  • Making and sticking to a budget
  • Paying down a student loan
  • Understanding their relationship with money

The experience starts with a financial checkup to assess their current financial state. Participants can then move on to assessments, courses and regular check-ins. All information on the Enrich platform is also available in Spanish.

Participants in our plans already have access to financial tools and calculators on Personal Savings Center on They’ll be able get to the Enrich platform from a link on Personal Savings Center.

For more information, check out our financial wellness flyer and watch the Enrich video.


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