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Managed Account Solution Powered by Personalization

A professionally managed account may help employees better prepare for retirement.

With TargetProTM, advisors and plan sponsors have even more solutions to choose from. All can deliver a more personalized experience for employees and improve retirement outcomes.

Rise in Managed Accounts

Professionally managed accounts allow plan sponsors to offer a personalized investment plan to their plan participants. They continue to grow in popularity as the demand for personalized solutions increases. It’s clear that employees want help preparing for retirement. In a 2023 study, nearly 80% of participants said they’re interested in a service that provides a potential way to limit downside risk using actively managed funds.*

Recordkeepers are becoming more adept at gathering data. By leveraging data and partnering with registered investment advisors, they can now deliver personalized investment portfolios once reserved for wealth management clients. How do participants benefit? They can enjoy personalized allocations based on data they provide to the recordkeeper and plan sponsor when they sign up for a plan.

TargetPro Portfolios

TargetPro Portfolios is a secure way to create personalization by leveraging employee data that the employer and recordkeeper already have. Participants can further personalize their portfolio by providing additional information. Because TargetPro doesn’t require employees to make investment decisions, employers can deliver a solution that helps overcome inertia while addressing specific participant needs.

TargetPro provides investment support based on:

  • Age: provides an individual’s savings horizon
  • Gender: impacts income longevity
  • Compensation: determines required income replacement
  • Retirement asset balance: affects allocation aggressiveness
  • Employee savings rate: indicates an individual’s desire to save
  • Employer contribution: specifies additional contribution source
  • Location: determines mortality and tax rates

Portfolios are adjusted to manage risk, react to market fluctuations and rebalance individual allocations when personal factors change.

Partnership With Stadion

The Standard has partnered with Stadion Money Management to offer TargetPro. It’s available to new retirement plan clients who use The Standard as their recordkeeper.

For more information about our personalized retirement readiness solutions, contact your representative.

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