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Are Lower Fees the Best Way to Support Retirement Readiness?

Here’s How to Keep the Services and Value You Receive in Perspective

Retirement plan fees continue to be a hot topic within the industry. Further, there is some debate about price versus quality. Which actually drives better retirement outcomes for employees?

While retirement plans must be managed for the exclusive benefit of employees, looking at fees alone only shows part of the picture. Best practices for plan design and education can actually boost employee retirement income, which can lead to much greater appreciation of the plan and its benefits.

The 20 Percent Difference

The chart below1 shows the potential difference that thoughtful plan design and targeted education, in partnership with a plan advisor, could make in an employee’s annual retirement income — versus solely focusing on reducing fees. It also includes additional educational opportunities that can make a difference.

The Difference in Annual Retirement Income

Chart showing impact of decreased fees on account balances

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The Standard’s research shows that only 33 percent of employees are confident about their level of retirement readiness. Adding automatic features to your retirement plan can help improve retirement outcomes.
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