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Partner Resources

Date PostedForm NumberTitle
07/2318842 SI/SNYPlatinum Advantage Producer Bonus Program Flyer
01/2319002N SI/SNYInteractive IDI Reference Guide
01/2321604N SI/SNYIncome Protection Easy Answers Interactive Brochure
03/2222775 SI/SNYGetting Started With Platinum Advantage New Producer Interactive Brochure
04/2122046 SI/SNYProducer Discount Flyer
11/2021052 SI SNYThe Standard's eApp Flyer
07/2021613 SI/SNYWho to Contact at The Standard
01/2018527 SI/SNYPlatinum Advantage Marketing Flyer
12/1919002 SI/SNYPlatinum Advantage Easy Answer Cards
09/1918312 SI/SNYBenefit Increase Rider Flyer
09/19SI 19112Student Loan Rider Flyer
09/19SI 18575Platinum Advantage Consumer Brochure
09/1920194 SI/SNYAdministrative Guide
09/19SI 18015IDI Premium Discounts Flyer
08/1819968MGA SI/SNYWelcome to The Standard (Resources for Brokers)


Illustration Software

Use the following training resources to help get up-to-speed with the software quickly.

Submitting Business

Claims and Benefits


Marketing Toolkits

Find underwriting requirements, guides to help you understand the underwriting process and set expectations, and more.

Find resources to get started, use TeleApps and deliver policies. Increase option application information included.

Find general information about products, new business and in-force policy questions, and The Standard’s guidelines for using our logo.

Learn about key IDI benefits for physicians, plus tools to discuss income protection with this target market.

Get the details on the Benefit Increase Rider that lets Platinum Advantage policyowners increase coverage to keep pace with income growth.

IDI Focus

Our newsletter shares product, operations and marketing updates for agency staff.
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