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Policy Data Pages in FilesAnywhere

We’re always looking for ways to reduce printed communication. Effective Jan. 26, 2024, you began receiving copies of policy data pages in your FilesAnywhere account. Receiving documents digitally gives you the flexibility to sort and download correspondence. Check out the Digital Policy Correspondence Interactive Brochure for more information about digital correspondence in FilesAnywhere.

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We're adjusting our Platinum Advantage rates and extending discounts to more states. These adjusted rates and discounts for The Standard’s fully underwritten Platinum Advantage product are now available in all states except South Carolina.
The Standard’s Electronic Medical Questionnaire is now available in all states except New York and South Carolina.
Our new sales consultants have extensive individual disability insurance experience and will report to Joe Boland, our new manager, sales operations.
We’ve lowered rates on Platinum Advantage, increased the Preferred Occupation Discount to 20% and launched a new 5% eApply Discount.

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Paying the bills if you’re disabled and can’t work isn’t something most of us think about. But you can buy your own income protection insurance and protect what matters to you.

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