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Winning IDI Strategies for Medical Residents and Fellows

When choosing an IDI plan for residents and fellows, you should consider price, benefits and ease of the buying process. With Platinum Advantage, your residents can get discounts, strong core features, a streamlined process and coverage options.

Get Solid Benefits With Ease

  • Discounted rates: We offer a 15% discount with the Residency Multi-Life Discount.
  • No medical exams: With Simplified Underwriting, no medical exams are required for any coverage during the six months before or after training completion.
  • No financial underwriting: No proof of income is required for up to $7,500 in monthly benefits, if within six months of completing training or the first two years of practicing.
  • Benefit flexibility: Residents or fellows can buy a policy from a $1,000 monthly benefit up to issue and participation limits of $30,000. If applying for a monthly benefit higher than $7,500, they must submit a signed employment contract.

Core Coverage and Riders

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  • All policyowners can increase coverage with proof of income up to I&P limits using the Benefit Increase Rider. They also have an opportunity to increase coverage within 12 months of completing training.
  • Our unique Family Care Benefit is a built-in feature. It provides a monthly benefit if a policyowner is unable to work due to the serious illness or injury of a close family member.
  • The Own Occupation Rider is available to all medical residents and fellows. This rider changes the policy's definition of Total Disability. Under this rider, policyowners who become disabled and can’t perform the duties of their medical specialty can qualify for benefits and earn a full income in another occupation without offsetting their benefits.
  • The Student Loan Rider* adds a benefit for outstanding student loans. And it is separate from the basic monthly benefit. It can provide reimbursement for student loan payments made when the client experiences a total disability.

Your resident and fellow clients face many considerations as they move into their practices. With Platinum Advantage, give them the upper hand to protect their financial futures and income.

For more information and policy comparisons for medical residents, see the Platinum Advantage Rate Examples flyer.

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