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Social Media Toolkit: Help Clients Increase Income Protection With the Benefit Increase Rider

Make sure your clients are getting the most out of their individual disability insurance policy. For eligible policyowners, the BIR helps their coverage keep pace with their salary increases.

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Would you wear shoes that are too tight? Of course not. You need income protection insurance that’s the right size. With the Platinum Advantage Benefit Increase Rider, your income protection grows with your salary. Learn more:
Rising prices means every dollar counts. Make sure your Platinum Advantage disability insurance coverage keeps pace with your current salary. You’ll have peace of mind that a serious illness won’t mean financial hardship. Keep pace with the Benefit Increase Rider:
Platinum Advantage’s Benefit Increase Rider is the simple way to make sure your income doesn’t outpace your income protection insurance. Find out if you’re eligible for an increase:
If your income grew over the past few years, check if you’re eligible for a benefit increase with Platinum Advantage. With the Benefit Increase Rider, you may be able to increase your insurance coverage every three years — with no medical underwriting. Learn more:


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During May's Disability Insurance Awareness Month, help your clients check the level of their income protection coverage. Choose a post that points them to our Income Protection Insurance Calculator, then start sharing on social media.
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