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New Rates and Discounts Expanded to More States

In October 2023, we adjusted our rates and increased discounts for The Standard’s Platinum Advantage fully underwritten and Graduate Medical Education income protection insurance to help you sell more. These updated rates and discounts are now available in all states except South Carolina.

As a reminder, we reduced Platinum Advantage rates for many occupations. You’ll see more competitive rates for men ages 41 and up for nonmedical occupation classes (5A, 4A, 3A, 2A, B and A). Plus, we’ve introduced state-specific rates, which allows us to offer even more competitive pricing in many states. Rates have decreased by 5% in 18 states and increased in six.

Effective Feb. 14, rates will be increasing by 10% in New York. State-specific rates will not change for the other newly available states (California, Florida, Montana, North Dakota and Wyoming). In addition, we’ll now issue all fully underwritten policies with gender-distinct rates in Montana.

See the details in our IDI Online Reference Product Guide.

Additionally, increased rates for the cost-of-living adjustment rider and 3D occupation classes will be effective in all states except South Carolina.

New and Bigger Discounts

The increased Preferred Occupation Discount of 20% is now available to applicants in all states except South Carolina.

Similarly, the new 5% eApply Discount will be available on Platinum Advantage policies when applicants use both The Standard’s eApp and Electronic Medical Questionnaire in all states except South Carolina. In New York, applicants will be eligible for this discount by using both The Standard’s eApp and TeleApp, until EMQ is available.

With these new and increased discounts, prospects can now combine discounts for a total of up to 50% off Platinum Advantage! See the IDI Premium Discounts flyer to learn how you can offer clients the opportunity to save.

At The Standard, we’re focused on offering strong income protection solutions with competitive rates. Deliver more value to your clients with Platinum Advantage.

Questions? Please contact your general agent for more information.

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