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Important Information About the Electronic Medical Questionnaire

The Standard has opened access to its Full Underwriting Application Supplement, known in our eApp system as the Electronic Medical Questionnaire.

The Electronic Medical Questionnaire is available for your customers residing in most states excluding California, Florida, Montana, New York, North Dakota, South Carolina, South Dakota and Wyoming. 

Electronic Medical Questionnaire is now an option for clients 

If you have any clients who are waiting to complete the Full Underwriting Application Supplement using TeleApp, you can switch your client to complete the Electronic Medical Questionnaire instead. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please notify your Customer Management Specialist if your client wishes to cancel the TeleApp interview and use the Electronic Medical Questionnaire to complete the supplement.

Updated Producer Information Reports are now available online

Going forward, for applications, you will need to indicate on the PIR which method the applicant will use to complete the supplement.

PLEASE NOTE: You must select how your client will complete the Full Underwriting Application Supplement.

  • If Electronic Medical Questionnaire is selected, the TeleApp will not be ordered. The Electronic Medical Questionnaires is not automatically ordered. You must start the questionnaire as detailed in the online guide.

  • You must select TeleApp to order it. If you select TeleApp in eApp, it will be automatically ordered.

For Producers Only

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