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Effective Date:


3-year repeating guarantee : 3-year repeating surrender and MVA period
$15,000 $100,000
Crediting Rate 5.05% 5.15%
Crediting Rate Interest-Only Withdrawal 5.00% 5.10%
Crediting Rate 10% Withdrawal Provision 4.95% 5.05%
Principal Guarantee Crediting Rate 4.85% 4.95%


5-year repeating guarantee : 5-year repeating surrender and MVA period
$15,000 $100,000
Crediting Rate 5.30% 5.40%
Crediting Rate Interest-Only Withdrawal 5.25% 5.35%
Crediting Rate 10% Withdrawal Provision 5.20% 5.30%
Principal Guarantee Crediting Rate 5.10% 5.20%

* No MVA on products sold in California.
Crediting Rate does not include an optional withdrawal provision.
Principal Guarantee Crediting Rate includes a 10% withdrawal provision.

For producers only. Not for use with consumers.

Not FDIC-Insured • No Bank Guarantee • May Lose Value • Not Insured by Any Federal Government Agency • Not a Bank Deposit

Distributor: Fifth Third Bank, 617

45-Day Rate Lock:
We'll lock a fixed interest crediting rate, cap rate or participation rate for 45 calendar days from the date we receive the original application, according to the timeline below. We don’t provide a rate lock for minimum guaranteed rates.
If we receive the expected premium within the 45-day period, your client receives the locked-in rate or the rate on the date we receive the premium ─ whichever is higher.

  • If rates are increasing: Premium must arrive on or after the date of the rate increase.
  • If rates are decreasing: Sign and date the application and all required supplemental forms before the date of the rate decrease. We must receive all documents in our home office within four business days of the rate change, including the date of the rate change.

Guaranteed Minimum Interest Rates:

  • MCA: 0.10%

Products of Standard Insurance Company. Rates may change without notice. Product features and availability varies by state. 

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