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Why Choose The Standard?

We create products with these competitive strategies:

  • Unique householding feature:
    • When two members in the same household send in applications at the same time that total over $100,000, both applicants receive the high-band rate. This can apply to spouses or a family with adult children.
  • A guaranteed minimum accumulation benefit on all FIAs:
    • We ensure that the annuity fund value reaches the guaranteed minimum accumulation value at the end of the surrender charge period. If it is less than that, we’ll make a one-time adjustment to raise it to that amount.
  • Extended issue ages:
    • Issue through age 93 on 3 and 5-year products.1
    • Issue through age 90 on 7-year products.

We're Built on a Foundation of Financial Strength

With over 100 years of financial stability, you can count on us to help your clients prepare for the future. Working with us, you'll get:

  • Nearly a century of financial strength ratings of "A" or higher.2
  • A partner with multiple best-in-class service awards.

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Doing business with The Standard is good for you and your clients. Our annuities offer innovative product design, desirable rates, competitive compensation, high industry ratings and excellent service.

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