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Our 45-Day Rate Lock Policy

We'll lock an interest crediting rate on fixed annuities, cap rate or participation rate only on fixed index annuities for 45 calendar days* from the day we receive the original application, if we receive paperwork within the timelines below. 

We don’t provide a rate lock for fixed interest crediting rates on index annuities or minimum guaranteed rates. 

If we receive the expected premium within the 45-day period*, your client receives either the locked-in rate or the current rate on the day we receive the premium ─ whichever is higher.

  • If rates are increasing: Sign and date the application and all required supplemental forms on or after the rate increase effective date.
  • If rates are decreasing: Sign and date the application and all required supplemental forms before the rate decrease effective date. We’ll also need to receive your documents in our home office within four business days of the rate change effective date.

* May not be available in all states or distributors.

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