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Legacy Max Has What You’re Looking For

Do you have clients who could do more with their retirement money?

Then check out our newest FIA, the Enhanced Choice Index Plus, a single-premium deferred index annuity. Through a combination of indices, crediting options and enhanced product features, you can customize a retirement strategy that best fits each client.

The optional Legacy Max enhanced death benefit rider features:

  • An enhanced death benefit issued through age 80
  • No medical underwriting
  • A death benefit base with two underlying growth components*
  • 6% annual compounded growth
  • Double the amount of the interest credited to the annuity
  • Flexible payout options for your beneficiaries, including a lump sum option 

Learn more about Legacy Max exclusively offered on our ECI Plus. 

We require product training before starting an application. If you've previously completed our ECI product training, no additional training is required for ECI Plus. Bookmark our website applications, product information and product training. 

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Watch our new video to see an overview the Enhanced Choice Index Plus, and see how it provides benefits for today and tomorrow.
Due to high demand for our fixed annuity products and our strong rates, we’re temporarily extending our interest rate lock from 45 to 90 days.
Check out our newest FIA, the Enhanced Choice Index. For this single-premium deferred index annuity, we offer rates guaranteed for the entire surrender-charge period on three index options – meaning no need to track renewal rates.
Thank you for trusting The Standard with your clients' fixed annuities. We’ve had a record year for sales, introduced our newest FIA – the Enhanced Choice Index, and launched our Annuity Portal. Rich Lane, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Individual Annuities

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