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Forms, Applications and Illustrations When You Need

We’ve made it easy to access forms and illustrations on our website whenever you need them. There’s no need to call our sales support line or sign in to your account.

Forms and Applications

Each time you start a new application, remember to pull the most recent forms from our website. That way you’ll get the most up-to-date information, including any state-specific forms and specialty forms like our Trust Certification.


Save time by running illustrations yourself on You can currently run Fixed, Index, SPIA and Restricted SPIA illustrations.

You’ll first need to select your distributor. Here’s how:

  1. Start at
  2. Select your distributor in the left-side drop-down menu. Or select “Not affiliated with a distributor or distributor not listed.”
  3. Choose either “Find Forms and Materials” or “Run an Illustration.”
Content Topics

More About Producer Advisories

Many clients count on receiving their annuity payments on specific dates so they can pay bills and meet day-to-day living costs. Electronic Funds Transfer is the best way to ensure payments on time, every time.
Please review this recent compliance alert: New Hampshire INS 305, Suitability of Individual Annuity Sales Recommendations.
We’re always looking to improve the customer experience. Thanks to your feedback, we’re rolling out new options for annual interest payments. See how these new features work.
We mailed IRS Form 1099-R in February to clients who took a distribution last year. You can view and download 2023 and prior year tax forms on the Annuity Portal.
Required Minimum Distribution notifications were mailed out at the end of January. Here’s the rundown on who we sent them to and what to expect.
We’re sending out IRS Form 1099-R in January. We’ll also post them on the Annuity Portal at that time. Take a second to mark your calendars and remind your clients.
Please review this recent compliance alert: Florida House Bill 1185, Suitability of Individual Annuity Sales Recommendations.
Please review this recent compliance alert: Kansas K.A.R. 40-1-53, Suitability of Individual Annuity Sales Recommendations.

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