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Build Your Family Benefits with Annuities

We offer simple and straightforward annuities that benefit your clients and their families. Check out some of our flexible family benefits. 

Benefit from our householding feature 

When two members in the same household send in applications at the same time that total over $100,000 ─ both applicants will receive the high-band rate. Applications can be for different tax qualification types ─ qualified or non-qualified. 

Establish a legacy for your loved ones 

Legacy Max enhanced death benefit rider ─ offered exclusively on the ECI Plus ─ helps clients create a legacy for this generation and the next. It offers not one, but two growth components, providing reliable growth in both rising and declining markets.*

Prepare for health care costs in retirement 

Immediate annuities may help an ill spouse qualify for Medicaid eligibility to pay for long-term care. This means they may not count as available assets when qualifying for Medicaid assistance. Clients can accumulate funds in a deferred annuity from The Standard — and transition to a Medicaid-compliant immediate annuity in the future. 

Use our flexible ownership options and spousal continuation 

We offer several ownership options including joint owners and non-natural owners such as family trusts. If the spouse is the joint owner or sole primary beneficiary, they may continue the annuity contract or choose a payout option that best fits their needs.

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Doing business with The Standard is good for you and your clients. Our annuities offer innovative product design, desirable rates, competitive compensation, high industry ratings and excellent service.

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