Paying off a loan — for college, a car or a credit card — is a top priority for many of us. But saving for retirement is also an important financial goal.

Need help figuring out your best strategy for both? Use our calculator to answer a few questions about your finances and crunch the numbers. We won't save any of your information, so you can be sure your answers will be confidential.

Let's get the details of your loan.
To get an accurate assumption of your saving, it is important that you provide your real loan details.


Let's look at how much you're saving for retirement.


Some employer matches may come in two parts or tiers. Tier 1: Matching your contribution plan dollar-for-dollar, up to a certain percentage. Tier 2: Matching a portion of your contribution dollar up to another percentage.

for each additional dollar up to
of my pay

Finally, let's see what a little extra money can do.


Pay Down the Loan First


This is how much interest I could save by paying off the loan in 6.9 years.

Save More for Retirement Now


This is the how much more my account could earn if I save the extra money for retirement now.

Effect on My Retirement Savings

My Numbers

How Much More I Can Afford

My Loan

My Retirement Savings

for every dollar I contribute up to
of my pay
for each additional dollar up to
of my pay
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