The Standard Expands Availability of New Individual Disability Insurance Products to Four States and the District of Columbia

Standard Insurance Company (The Standard) announced today the launch of its latest Individual Disability Insurance (IDI) products in Delaware; Montana; North Dakota; South Dakota and Washington, D.C. Platinum Advantage and Platinum Advantage Guaranteed Standard Issue (GSI) provide individuals in these states with the opportunity to protect their income and lifestyle after experiencing a disabling illness or injury.

“Preparing clients for an unexpected income loss if they become too sick or injured to work is critical,” said Jeremy Horner, assistant vice president of IDI at The Standard. “With the inclusion of the Family Care Benefit, Platinum Advantage and Platinum Advantage GSI extend this financial security to clients who are caring for family members with a serious health condition. This coverage is increasingly important as the need for paid family leave benefits becomes more prominent.”

A significant feature of Platinum Advantage and Platinum Advantage GSI is that they are the only IDI products on the market to offer the Family Care Benefit. This feature pays a monthly benefit to policyowners who need to take time away from work to care for a child, parent or spouse with a serious health condition. This benefit is included in each base policy at no additional cost and can be a significant resource for the sandwich generation.

Platinum Advantage offers clients flexible, cost-effective plans tailored to their unique needs, occupations and lifestyles. Policies start with robust features, such as a guaranteed renewable contract, and two ways to help policies keep pace with salary increases. These include an Automatic Increase Rider and a Benefit Increase Rider, which are built into all eligible policies at no cost. Building on these strong core benefits, Platinum Advantage offers additional riders, including three Residual Disability Riders, a Noncancelable Policy Rider, an Own Occupation Rider, an Indexed Cost of Living Benefit Rider and a Catastrophic Disability Benefit Rider.

Employers in these states and the District of Columbia can now use Platinum Advantage GSI as a recruiting and retention tool for highly compensated employees who may need additional disability coverage. Platinum Advantage GSI policies offer employers with the choice of enhanced riders, including three Residual Disability Riders, a Regular Occupation Definition of Disability, an Own Occupation Rider, a Catastrophic Disability Benefit Rider and an Indexed Cost of Living Benefit Rider.

For more information on Platinum Advantage/Platinum Advantage GSI and their full list of flexible, cost-effective features, producers can visit or talk with their general agent.

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