Declared State of Emergency: Illinois

Christian County, Illinois

The Standard acknowledges the state of emergency due to the severe storm in Christian County, Illinois, and we will grant affected policyholders an extension of any and all policy provisions or other requirements that impose a time limit for an insured or claimant to perform any act, including the submission of a claim or proof of loss, reporting of information, submission of bills, or payment of premiums. Such extension shall be for a minimum of 60 days from the last date allowed or required, or longer if deemed reasonable.

We will withdraw any cancellation or nonrenewal notice issued on or after Nov. 23, 2018, on any in-force policy issued to an affected policyholder, and we will not issue any new cancellation or nonrenewal notices to affected policyholders until Jan. 23, 2019, or a later time if deemed reasonable. We will also consider other exceptions to policy or contract requirements or rules when such requirements or rules are not met as a result of this disaster.

Illinois consumers can work with the Department of Insurance for filing a complaint regarding any disaster-related dispute or issue. Consumers can call the Department's toll-free complaint hotline at 1.866.445.5364, or file a complaint online at