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The Total Wellness Eco-System

In this report we connect the impact of disability leave on retirement. Learn more about the importance of income protection for a secure financial future and overall employee wellness.

Disability and Absence Management

We asked HR business decision-makers to rate their organization's absence and disability practices and used their scores to produce our Absence and Disability Readiness Index report. Here’s what we learned.

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How Well Do Employers Manage Absence and Disability?

Employers may face big risks if their absence and disability programs are weak. How confident are they in their programs?

Paid Family Leave

The Standard partnered with the Disability Management Employer Coalition to survey employers from across the country regarding the growing trend of providing paid family leave benefits. Watch this webinar to learn more about the survey and its insights around employers' attitudes toward, and adoption of, paid family leave benefits.

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Paid Family Leave

Stay up to date on Paid Family Leave developments, including the latest news and resources, with our Relatively Speaking blog.

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What’s Going On With Paid Leave Laws in 2020?

Stay on top of the action with our quick rundown of what to expect in 2020.

Employee Disability Study

A survey from The Standard found that the right disability management support can increase workplace productivity and be the fuel needed to help employees return to work quickly. See our key findings.

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Disability Survey Results

A recent survey of employees from various industries examined the link between disability management and employee productivity.