Webinar: A Fun Culture Isn't Enough to Retain and Engage Top Talent

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The Standard partnered with Workforce.com on April 16 to present a webinar on effective workforce retention and engagement strategies. We invite you to listen to Dan Jolivet, Workplace Possibilities Consultant, describe how employer-sponsored benefits help support a culture of mental wellness and improved business success.

The 60 min. webinar expands on Dan’s article in Workforce Magazine, a leading publication for HR professionals aimed at making their businesses better.

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Workplace Possibilities Practice Consultant, The Standard
Dr. Dan Jolivet started working in the behavioral health field in 1980 as he was completing a degree in mathematical statistics and wanted to get some hands-on experience in an applied scientific discipline. His first direct service job in the field was a 1981 work-study position at a Community Mental Health Center (CMHC) in Seattle, where he quickly became hooked on trying to understand how people change.