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Camp Blue Spruce

Where Kids With Food Allergies Have a Sense of Belonging, Trust, and Community

A safe and supportive community for kids and families living with life-threatening food allergy, celiac and other related diseases. We foster independence and confidence.

What We Do

Camp Blue Spruce is my magical safe place where I am free to be me!
~Camper M

We offer inclusive, safe, and supportive opportunities for children and families living with life-threatening food allergies and related diseases. Programs include: Camp Blue Spruce, the only overnight camp in the country dedicated to kids with food allergies; Food-Free Fun, educational and community events in Portland for newly diagnosed families; and Allergy Pals, online peer mentorship and social support focusing on confidence and advocacy. These programs consider the social and emotional impacts of living with these diseases.

What We Need

  • Administrative Support/Clerical
  • Cleaning
  • Collecting/Sorting/Packaging
  • Consulting/Professional Services
  • Event Organizing
  • Fundraising/Campaigning
  • Mentoring/Youth Development
  • Public Relations/Marketing


  • In person: One-time
  • In person: Ongoing
  • Virtual: Ongoing

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When a group shares food, they identify as a family, a team, a tribe and connect socially, culturally and spiritually. Kids with food allergies are often excluded from the table, causing disparities in social and emotional development. Events, sports, parties, restaurants, and standard camp settings cause anxiety. Rarely feeling safe, they never feel like they belong. Over the past eight years, we have built trust in the community and created a sense of safety, belonging and inclusion. Our ground-breaking programs are highly regarded. Your support as a volunteer or financial donor will change lives! Thank you.
Louise Tippens, Executive Director

Our Headquarters

3519 NE 15th Ave, #225 Portland, OR 97212
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Please note that depending on role, volunteers may work at other locations and/or at other times. Contact our volunteer coordinator to find the best fit for you.