Environmental Sustainability

At The Standard, we believe healthy environments create strong, vibrant communities, and our sustainable practices hold fast to this vision.


The Standard purchases 3,250,000 kilowatt hours of renewable clean wind energy to power our home office buildings in Portland, Oregon, and at our nearby campus in Hillsboro, Oregon. Computers, monitors and printers are set to sleep after inactivity. Linear lighting in offices uses motion sensor technology and LED bulbs.


Our downtown Portland Standard Plaza building is Energy Star rated by the Environmental Protection Agency. Its high energy efficiency reduces annual electricity consumption by nearly 500,000 kWh.


In an effort to save paper and energy, we offer policy holders electronic delivery for contracts, certifications and forms. Copier/printer paper contains at least 30% recycled content. Centralized printers are widely used as an alternative to desk-side printers to decrease the volume of unnecessary printing.


Highly visible recycling bins are located throughout our offices, and employees are educated about best practices for recycling and for carefully managing confidential information to protect the privacy of customers, employees and the company. Unused or outdated electronic devices are donated for reuse or, when necessary, properly recycled.

Active Transportation

Nearly 60% of The Standard’s 2,000 Oregon employees walk, bike, carpool or take transit as their primary commute method. Subsidies and reimbursement are offered to employees who use public transit or carpool to work. Electric vehicle charging stations are available in our home office parking garage. Sheltered and secure bike parking is available at many offices, along with locker room and shower facilities to make bike commuting even easier.

Sustainable practices help ensure a better future for everyone. We acknowledge our responsibility in helping create that future and will continue seeking opportunities to reduce our ecological footprint.